Monday, March 9, 2009


For those who won't get a chance to see the show here are some pictures of the works insitu.

The Front Room

The Transitional Space

The Back Room


Jane Maxfield said...

I love all the work in the photos it is all beautiful, I wish I could of come to the exhibition. The exhibition you have shown on your blog gives me alot of inspiration to continue on with my plans of an book and paper art business. Jane

Papergail said...

Thanks Jane,
and good luck with your business.

Unknown said...

I'm absolutely amused that you used the word insitu!
I have never heard that word used outside of my chem lab, maybe it's a US thing!

ps Welcome to the bookarts forum!

Papergail said...

Hi Kiley,
maybe it's my early training coming out :-)

Ro Bruhn said...

This is so fabulous, I've only just discovered your work talking to Jo from my story blog. Such diversity, you make paper really come alive. Love it all.

Janette Kearns Wilson said...

Gail, it was lovely to see the exhibition but I was a bit distracted looking for a house (I have bought one) in Fitroy, However it is really fabulous to look at the photos quietly now.