Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Busy time

I have been very busy lately with editing the Women's Art Register bulletin and preparing for my March exhibition and workshop as well as documenting the postcards coming in for My Paper My Land. It is drawing close to the cut off date so they have been coming in in droves. Yesterday I photographed about twenty which I plan to post asap and today there were another dozen in the mail. It is going to be a great show.


quirkyartist said...

I had an emergency call at 7.30 Friday morning to ask for the address to send the cards. All the printmakers at Meadowbank College had been photocopying it the previous day and my friend hadn't got it back. So a bunch from Meadowbank must have been sent on Friday.

gail said...

Yes I did get a heap, I am now scanning and will put up soon.

ainesse said...

Glad to hear that you ACTUALLY DO HAVE A SCANNER i.e, that you are not having to photograph each individual postcard. Did you get the one I sent.


Papergail said...

Yes Aine
I scanned yours yesterday. It took me over 100 postcards before I started scanning and yes it is faster.