Friday, May 2, 2008

Postcards and Yabbers

The postcards are starting to come in for My Land, My Paper. Three this week from the US, Spain and Canada. I have put pictures here.

At Yabbers we've decided to send each other postcards using the techniques we've done at the meetings. At our last meeting we made paste papers using a method Dineke taught at a recent workshop. You colour your paste as usual but you paste on lots of layers of paper and fabric, mine turned very red as you can see.



I've made two postcards, one I kept plain and the other I did gold embroidery on. At the last T'arts meeting Lesley Uren showed us how to couch gold onto fabric. The butterfly wing and coiled piece were some cheap gold wire and the other bits were what I brought home from Lesley's. Now to see if they go through the post!

I have been making some new journals lately including some from the leather scraps from Reverse Art and some small Chinese swords from a $2 shop.

Here are some exposed stitch bound books using an adaptation of a method I learned from George Matoulos many years ago.

Preparing to sew:

The completed books:


Carol said...

The books are stunning and the Japanese swords are a great idea for a fastening. I have a bundle of smaller swords that were pretty fancy skewers in the days when I had parties and I've considered using them but never got around to it. If you don't mind I might try one - may be too sharp, I'll need to think about it carefully. I'm always trying new fastenings but don't want to use anything actually life threatening.

Papergail said...

Thanks Carol.
Please go ahead and try the skewer, maybe you could grind down the end a little on an emery board or sharpening stone so it's not so sharp.

quirkyartist said...

Hi Gail,
Glad to have seen some of the postcards. I'll have to get working on one.
I have some leather from a Corban & Blair sale. I plan to make some books with the pieces but wasn't sure about closures. Obviously anything you can poke through!!