Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gift folders and Papermakers meeting

Here is the pink paper turned into gift folders. I've probably done enough now and have started on some dream diaries. I haven't written anything for the last week or two because of Easter and working on IAPMA bulletin and newsletter. I've virtually finished both, just a little more to do in the newsletter. We had papermakers meeting today and M & I set up the 2D work in the alcove shop. We didn't have much to chose from just mostly my work and a few photos but it looks OK I guess. We had lots of people at the meeting which was in the wetcraft studio, saw M's completed box from Glen Skein's workshop, papers from Bangladesh, paper made by V from old doba (Trobriand Island women's money made from banana leaf) sent by C several years ago I have a picture on this page of a woman in the Trobes making doba. Then people went about make shaped and decorated sheets of paper.

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